indoor iron gates decorative metal entry doors

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Shanghai Henchuang Industry Co.,Ltd specializing in proudction pure hand-forged wrought iron products,skilled produced, the products are exported to Europe and United States etc more than 20 developed countries. As a consumer who want to buy iron products, we introduce you a few necessary knowledge points to protect your benefit.

1. For example of the wrought iron gates,whether need forged ?Usually we buy the square steel are smooth, the forged it means we using coal to heating the square steel, and then use air hammer beating steel’s four sides .it change the steel’s shapes to become more nice and art effecence, compared with no forged iron products, the forged  iron products that increasing more producing craft and producing time,it is needs plenty of experienced  blacksmith to beating the steel with differenct foged shapes, especially when producing complex wrought iron gates,forged beating iron decoration flowers parts that can showing the forged’s charm and effecence, below is a simple diagram to display a small wrought iron gates with forged craft introduction.

So you can consider yourself the actual needs whether choose forged craft or not ? if you want do the best want luxury and high-end atmosphere wrought iron products, we suggest you use forged, if you want save your money you no need consider forged craft.

2.About the iron products anti-rust ,for outside using we suggest hot dip galvanized,it can make sure the fabricated iron products 30 years not rusting. thie galvanized craft can make sure the iron products all surface covered with a thick layer of zinc layers, for example of outdoor high-voltaeg wire poles all are used this hot dip galvanized methold anti-rust. If the iron material is galvanized material producing, not hot dip galvanized, during the sun and raining ,when the iron material inside will be rusty or rain water insider in the iron tube, after several times going it will corrosion from inside to the paint and finally rotten & broken. so we need to know whether is hot dip galvanized craft to confirm with manufacturer clearly.


3.About iron products’s paint , for home using we hope the paint can using more long times , usually the cheapest paint can using 1 year ,after 1year the paint will fall down itself. the middle paint can using 2-3 years. the best paint can using 10-15years not fade not fall . in engineering project the manufacturer for save money it will using the cheapest paint.  because also the sale contracts’s price is cheaper. For home & villa using we suggest using good paint ,it can make sure you 10-15 years no need repair paint work the iron products and can improves the  iron products’s luxury grade . for this needs , we suggest the iron products the primer using 50% zinc content of epoxy zinc-rich primer ,

the topcoat using advanced fluorocarbon matte black color finish.

4.The iron products are customized products, the price not only decide by above points but also have design stles,material size,producing time,worker labor,polish and ash,wood case packing ,trucking fees etc. all these formed the final iron products ‘s budge price.

please see below our wrought iron products production procedures, we looking forward to good cooperate with you .

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